API 5CT EUE Tubing Coupling


Material Grade:J55、K55、N80、L80、P110


Length Range: < R1 (6.10m)

Thread Type: EUE

EUE tubing coupling, that’s upset tubing joints, Upset Tubing is a long tubing with joint installed in a wellbore to facilitate the extraction of oil and gas. The tubing joints are designed to suit a certain well type, based on the underground conditions and fluids. The EUE Tubing Coupling is bigger than the outer diameter of the nonupset (NUE) threaded end product.

API 5CT EUE Tubing Coupling Dimension

Tubing Size, OD Casing Size OD (inches)


Coupling Size OD (inches)


Length (inches)


Weight per Coupling (lbs) Palletized Carton Quantity Palletized Carton Weight
API EUE Tubing Couplings 1.90 2.500 / 1.85 / /
2-3/8 3.063 4.875 3.42 1,444 3942
2-7/8 3.668 5.500 5.29 792 4220
3-1/2 4.500 5.750 9.02 448 3860
4 5.000 / 10.62 392
4-1/2 5.563 6.500 13.31 252 3456


WLD steel supply and stock the EUE tubing coupling in accordance with API 5CT/5B range the outer diameter from 77.80mm to 141.30mm and other specialty tubing couplings. We can supply OCTG tubing and casing pipe with standard pipe-ends such as upset tubing and non-upset tubing. We also can provide customers with products based on their specified technical requirements.