High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) Water Steel Pipe


  • ASTM D2513 gas pipe
  • ASTM F714 industrial
  • ASTM F3035 industrial
  • C-901 water pipe
  • AWWA C-906 water pipe
  • FM underground firewater
  • API 15LE oil patch pipe

High-density Polyethylene(HDPE) coating has a strong bonding force with the blank tube, which will not peel off under external pressure, and can also be bent and processed at room temperature. The pipes are welding flanges at both ends which adopts the flow impregnation process to evenly and firmly coat the inner and outer walls of the steel tube with low-density polyethylene powder, which greatly enhances the mechanical strength and anti-corrosion performance. During installation, sealing pads should be installed between the two flanges of the coated composite pipe, and the bolts can be pressed tight. The external temperature is -40℃-90℃, and the water transfer temperature is -30℃-80℃. The API 5L/5CT flange welded HDPE steel pipe is a type of jacketed, spray-applied polyurethane foam insulated piping system for ground oil and gas distribution.  The polyurethane system with foaming provides maximum thermal efficiency to optimum performance of cryogenic and very low heat conductivity coefficient.


High-density Polyethylene Coating Steel Pipe Specifications:

Size ERW/LSAW: 25-630mm*length: 6m

SSAW:219mm-3620mm* length:12m

SMLS : 10.3-1020mm * 2mm-40mm(1/4”- 40”)

WT: 1.24mm – 60mm (SCH10-SCH160)

Material ASTM A53 pipe (Grade B)

ASTM A106 pipe (Grade B/C)

API 5L Grade B/X42/ X52/ X65/ X80, PSL1/ PSL2 line pipe

Coating Thickness The outer 2.0-4.0 mm, and the inner 0.35-0.5 mm
Coating color Black
Conventional pressure 0.1 mpa-5.0 mpa
Resistant to 3% saltwater, 10% acid, alkali, oil, salt Unchanged in 72H


As one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of coating carbon steel pipe in China, WLD steel provides not only dual-layer FB, 3LPE/ 3LPP and internal epoxy coating for applications in buried or submerged applications, but also the high-density Polyethylene coating for large onshore and offshore projects. With the partnership of the major steel mills in China, comprehensive advanced coating measures are provided for your pipe needs.