Application of plastic-coated steel pipes

Plastic-coated steel pipes are used everywhere in life, such as building water supply pipes, fire water supply pipes, special pipes for coal mines, hot spring anti-corrosion and thermal insulation pipes, and cable protection pipes commonly seen in modern life. Common steel-plastic composite pipes are actually mainly plastic-lined steel pipes and plastic-coated steel pipes. The following is an explanation of the application of plastic-coated steel pipes.

According to the different internal and external coating materials, they can be divided into epoxy resin coated steel pipes and polyethylene coated steel pipes. Both are based on welded steel pipes and seamless steel pipes. They are green and environmentally friendly pipes that are corrosion-resistant, erosion-resistant, non-toxic, and radiation-free.

Corrosion of steel is very common, and the economic losses caused by it are huge. Plastic-coated steel pipes retain the rigidity and strength of traditional metal pipes due to the coating of the inner and outer walls. The rigidity and strength are far superior to plastic pipes and aluminum-plastic pipes; at the same time, because the inner wall is also sprayed, the pipe has the characteristics of smooth inner wall, small friction resistance and no scaling, and the outer wall is more beautiful. The good qualities of these pipes have won inherent advantages for their wide application.

Furthermore, the connection method between pipes is the most important issue in the building materials industry. Whether the connection strength is reliable, whether it is convenient to install and maintain, and whether it can adapt to harsh natural conditions are the most concerned issues for each unit. The current plastic-coated steel pipe manufacturers are very humane. From the perspective of customers, design, construction and other units, the connection method, steel pipe length and color can be specified.

Plastic-coated steel pipes are used for various fluid transportation and have excellent corrosion resistance and relatively small friction resistance. Epoxy resin coated steel pipes are suitable for the transportation of water supply and drainage, seawater, warm water, oil, gas and other media, and polyvinyl chloride coated steel pipes are suitable for the transportation of drainage, seawater, oil, gas and other media. It is used in various forms of circulating water systems (civilian circulating water, industrial circulating water), with excellent performance and anti-corrosion life of up to 50 years; fire water supply systems, water supply and drainage transportation of various buildings, various chemical fluid transportation, and underground pipes and crossing pipes for wires and cables.

Plastic-coated steel pipes combine the excellent anti-corrosion properties of polyethylene and epoxy with the super anti-deformation ability of steel pipes. They have simple processes, convenient construction, high mechanical strength, and fully automatic coating equipment, which reduces the probability of recoating and rework, saves time and costs, is environmentally friendly, has a long service life, is safe and hygienic, has a wide range of applications, and has excellent anti-corrosion effects.

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