¡Bienvenido a WLD Steel!

Somos un proveedor y distribuidor líder de tuberías de acero para yacimientos petrolíferos

Los tubos de acero LSAW, SSAW, ERW que suministramos son

cumplen estrictamente las normas API, AWWA, ASTM y otras normas


WLD steel is a leading China supplier and manufacturer of vast line pipes, casing tubing, coated pipelines for potable water, sewage, oil and gas transmission, mineral slurry, onshore and offshore applications, in which the welded pipes there’s ERW line pipe, SSAW line pipe and LSAW line pipe. Our pipe products are produced strictly to comply with national and international standards like API, AWWA and GB, etc. With the partnership of the major steel mills in China, comprehensive advanced coating measures, additional threading ends are provided for customers. Large-scale piping orders, as well as tailor-made orders, can be supplied for clients from each field for manufacturer plant, distributor, vendor, and stockists.

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