API 5CT R95 Casing and Piping

API 5CT T95 Specification:

  • Outer Dimensions: 6.0mm -219.0mm
  • Wall Thickness: 1.0mm -30 mm
  • Length: R1(4.88-7.62m), R2(7.62-10.36m), R3(10.36-14.63m)
  • Thread type: Short round thread, Long round thread, Buttress thread
  • T95 type1 Casing Tubing Color Code: A bright silver band
  • Application: Transportation of gas, water, oil and natural gas.

API 5CT is a specification for casing and tubing for petroleum and natural gas industries-used for wells. This Standard specifies the technical delivery conditions for steel pipes (casing, tubing and pup joints), coupling stock, coupling material and accessory material and establishes requirements for three Product Specification Levels (PSL-1, PSL-2, PSL-3).

In the API 5CT version 9,  the chapter “Manufacturing method and Chemical Composition Requirements” removed C95 steel grade and increased R95, C110 (seamless tube only). API Grade R95 has the same yield strength range and tensile strength as API T95 but without the requirement for SSC or hardness tests, generally not for use in condensate wells since no hardness restrictions is required.  Steel grade R95 is a better-priced alternative to T95 in wells without the risk of sulfide stress cracking. WLD steel is a leading API 5CT casing and tubing manufacturer and supplier, we provide a broad range of API 5CT R95 oilfield casing pipe, API 5CT R95 type1 tubing but also casing coupling, perforated pipe, and more.

API 5CT R95 Casing Tubing Color Code

Name Casing and piping
R95 A brown band

API 5CT R95 Chemical Composition

Grade C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Cu Mo
R95 0.34-0.38 0.20-0.35 1.45-1.70 0.020 0.015 0.15 / / /

API 5CT R95 Mechanical Property

Grade Type Yield strength MPa Tensile strength min. MPa Total elongation under load %
R95 / 552-758 689 0.5

API 5CT R95 Tolerance

Item Allowable tolerance
Outer diameter Pipe body D≤101.60mm±0.79mm
Wall thickness -12.5%
Wight Single piece +6.5%+3.5%
Total weight -1.75

API 5CT R95 Size Chart

Outer Diameter Wall Thickness Weight Grade Threaded Length
in mm kg/m lb/ft
4 1/2″ 114.3 14.14-22.47 9.50-11.50 R95 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
5″ 127 17.11-35.86 11.50-24.10 R95 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
5 1/2″ 139.7 20.83-34.23 14.00-23.00 R95 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
6 5/8″ 168.28 29.76-35.72 20.00-24.00 R95 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
7″ 177.8 25.30-56.55 17.00-38.00 R95 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
7 5/8″ 193.68 35.72-63.69 24.00-42.80 R95 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
8 5/8″ 219.08 35.72-72.92 24.00-49.00 R95 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
9 5/8″ 244.48 48.07-86.91 32.30-58.40 R95 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
10 3/4″ 273.05 48.73-97.77 32.75-65.70 R95 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
11 3/4″ 298.45 62.50-89.29 42.00-60.00 R95 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
13 3/8″ 339.72 71.43-107.15 48.00-72.00 R95 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3