ASTM A135 Grade B Fire Sprinkler Steel Pipe


Standards: ASTM A135

Sizes: 12.75″ OD, W.T up to 0.280″

Pipe End: Grooved end, Threaded end, Beveled end

Surface: Red painted, Hot dip galvanized, Black painted

Application: Fire main pipe, fire pump pipe, fire standpipe, fire sprinkler branch pipe

ASTM A135 is a standard specification for Electric-Resistance-Welded Steel Pipe intended for conveying gas, vapor, water or other liquid, especially suit for fire sprinkler pipe. ASTM A135 covers two grades of electric resistance welded steel pipe: Grade A and Grade B, Grade A is adapted for flanging and bending and is suitable for welding. WLD steel supply fire sprinkler pipe and tubing sizes up to 12.75″ OD and in wall thicknesses up to 0.280″ that meet the requirementsASTM A135.

ASTM A135 Gr.B Chemical Composition

Grades C, max, % Mn P S
Grade B 0.30 1.20 0.035 0.035

ASTM A135 Gr.B Mechanical Property

Grades Yield Strength min, KSI(MPa) Tensile Strength min, KSI(MPa)) Elongation %
Grade B 35 60 30

As one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of carbon steel pipelines in China, WLD steel supplies the ASTM A135 Grade B steel pipe pile and relevant pipe fittings used for fire main pipe, fire pump pipe, fire standpipe, fire sprinkler branch pipe. With the partnership of the major steel mills in China, comprehensive advanced coating measures are provided for your pipe needs.