Size:8 in. min to 48 in. max OD

Pipe lengths: 35 ft. min to 45 ft. max

Coating density range:140#, 165#, 190#, 210#

Coating thickness: 40mm-180mm

Strength level: C10-C60

The submergence depth of large-diameter steel tube in seawater is limited due to its buoyancy, concrete weight coating is a plant-applied coating used by greatly increases the weight of the steel pipe itself. The concrete weight coating(CWC) is typically applied in conjunction with other coating systems such as FBE and 3L PP/PE. The surface of PP or PE anti-corrosion pipe used for concrete weight usually does not need any treatment or a small amount of wool treatment (electric steel brushing, corona, etc.) so that the anti-corrosion layer and concrete better combination to improve its anti-shear performance.

It’s a concrete and mixture of cement, sand, iron ore and wire wrapping process to a uniform layer to increase the weight and keeps the anti-corrosion coating free of damage. The concrete weight pipes can be immersed to a certain depth in offshore pipelines, swamps, rivers or lakes, or wetland environments


3LPP Steel Pipe Specifications

Size 8 in. min to 48 in. max OD

Pipe lengths: 35 ft. min to 45 ft. max

Coating density range 140#, 165#, 190#, 210#
Coating thickness 40mm-180mm
Material ASTM A53 pipe (Grade B)

ASTM A106 pipe (Grade B/C)

API 5L Grade B/X42/ X52/ X65/ X80, PSL1/ PSL2 line pipe

Strength grade C10-C60
Weight 2500㎏/m³ -6000㎏/m³
Standards SY/T 7398


As one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of coating carbon steel pipe in China, WLD steel provides not only dual-layer FB, 3LPE/ 3LPP and internal epoxy coating for applications in buried or submerged applications, but also the concrete weight coating for large onshore and offshore Projects with timely delivery. With the partnership of the major steel mills in China, comprehensive advanced coating measures are provided for your pipe needs.