Material 16Mo3 is low alloy steel with high-temperature properties, good plasticity, toughness, cold bending and welding properties according to German and European standards DIN EN10222 and DIN EN 10028 for pipe and flat products.

16Mo3 steel tubing has mainly used the manufacture of pressure vessels, boilers and heat exchangers and steam pipes and other heat resistant applications. WLD steel supplies Mo- steel DIN EN10222 16Mo3 seamless steel tubes manufactured in hot finished or cold finished in various sizes and specifications and equivalent material for boiler and economizer, heater, superheater and reheater system. If you are looking for this material, please contact us or get a quotation. Not only do we have all kinds of sizes, but we also have all kinds of sizes that are hard to find.

  • Standards: DIN EN10222-2
  • Size: OD:10.2-711mm; WT:1.6-100mm; L:5.8m,6m,11.8m or random.
  • Technical: Normalizing, Quenching and Tempering, Normalizing and Tempering.
  • Application: Boiler tubes,steam tubes, exchanger tubing

16Mo3 steel tube chemical composition

C Si Mn P S Cr Mo
0.12-0.2 ≤0.35 0.4-0.9 ≤0.025 ≤0.020 0.3 ≤0.35

16Mo3 steel tube mechanical property

Grade Tensile strength Rm Yield strength YS Elongation A(%)
16Mo3 450-600 280 MPa 22

16Mo3 is widely used in reactors, heat exchangers, separators, spherical tanks, oil and gas tanks, liquefied steam tanks, nuclear reactor pressure casing, boiler drum, liquefied petroleum cylinder, high-pressure water pipe of hydropower station, water wheel vortex casing and other equipment and components in petroleum, chemical and power plant industries. Any inquiry about the size and special applications, contact us now.