Characteristics Of Conventional Galvanized Layers

Hot-dip pure zinc products, the code is GI.

The characteristics of hot-dip pure zinc products are beautiful surface, good corrosion resistance and good processability.

It is divided into two types, one is normal zinc flowers, and the other is no zinc flowers. Previous hot-dip galvanizing products always had some zinc splatter on the surface because the lead in the zinc liquid could not be extracted very pure. Therefore, our old concept is that hot-dip galvanizing has splatter. With the needs of the automobile industry, if hot-dip galvanized automobile sheets need to be painted, zinc spatter will have an impact on the painting. Later, by reducing the lead content in zinc ingots and zinc liquid to dozens of ppm, We can produce products with no or very little spangle. For some special purposes such as construction, if you still like large zinc flowers, we can obtain large and beautiful zinc flowers by adding elements such as lead or antimony to the zinc liquid.

Alloyed products, its code is GA.

The advantage of this product is that the paint adhesion on the coating surface is particularly good, the corrosion resistance after painting is also very good, and its weldability is also very good.

However, its surface appearance is gray, which is not suitable for bare use. We do not recommend using it without painting, because its coating contains 7-15% iron. If it is not painted, This part of the iron will produce a very light red rust. Although the red rust will not expand further in terms of corrosion resistance, the appearance is not very good.

Therefore, the main use of zinc-iron alloy is in coating applications, such as the outer panels of cars and the side panels of refrigerators. GA products can be directly used. For refrigerator processing, it can be directly powder-sprayed and adhered without pre-treatment. The sex is also very good.

Aluminum zinc products

It is characterized by excellent corrosion resistance and very beautiful surface appearance. Its zinc flowers look like beautiful fish scales. They are very beautiful and can be used naked.

Its corrosion resistance is 2-6 times that of our ordinary hot-dip galvanizing. Its high temperature resistance is also relatively good. It can be used at 300℃ without discoloration. If used for a short time, it also has better performance at 700℃. Excellent color retention and excellent heat reflection.

Therefore, a large number of these products are now used in the construction and home appliance industry.

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