How To Make Steel Pipe With Epoxy Powder Anticorrosion

Epoxy powder coating is applied by electrostatic spraying process, forming a film at one time. This epoxy powder coating is a kind of thermosetting coating, which is processed by mixing and destroying solid epoxy resin, curing agent and various additives. The steel pipe is preheated by shot blasting and intermediate frequency before painting, and then the epoxy powder coating is sprayed on the surface of the heated steel pipe by electrostatic spraying method, melted and bonded to the surface of the steel pipe, and solidified to form a coating.

FBE coating is generally a film-forming structure epoxy powder coating. The production raw materials include: solid epoxy resin with an epoxy content in the middle and a narrow molecular weight distribution, which has no reaction activity under natural temperature conditions and responds quickly at high temperatures. Curing agent, catalyst and co-catalyst, in addition to leveling agent, pigment and filler.

Epoxy powder coating: The dense structure of the coating determines its strong anti-corrosion performance. The polar structure of the epoxy molecule determines its strong adhesion. It is a coating with good anti-corrosion effect. However, the coating is thin and brittle, and there is a high possibility of mechanical damage during hoisting, transportation, and stacking, and the epoxy structure has poor anti-ultraviolet ability, so it is not suitable for coating the outer wall and outer surface of the pipeline.

Although both polyethylene and epoxy have excellent corrosion resistance, polyethylene is a thermoplastic material with good flexibility and bump resistance. Because it is a non-polar molecule and the durability of adhesion to steel pipes is poor, epoxy resin is a polar molecule. Under high temperature, it is easy to react with the steel pipe, and the adhesion is very strong, but because it is a thermosetting material, it is not resistant to bumps.

Therefore, the combination of the two materials belongs to the current anti-corrosion industry collocation. The plastic-coated steel pipe industry has developed from the earliest inner and outer polyethylene, due to adhesion problems, to inner and outer epoxy, but the outer epoxy layer is not resistant to bumps, and later developed to the first inner epoxy outer polyethylene, but the single-layer polyethylene is directly bonded to the steel pipe In combination, there is still an adhesion problem, and it is upgraded to 3PE external anti-corrosion fusion-bonded epoxy powder internal anti-corrosion pipeline.

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