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The design of steel pipe piling

Steel pipe pile foundation has the characteristics of quick construction, safety and highly mechanized operation, and is often widely used in large offshore bridges, substructures of ports and wharves, temporary platforms and trestles, etc. Compared with reinforced concrete foundation, steel tube pile foundation has the following advantages: Lightweight, high strength, convenient loading and transportation; High bearing capacity. […]

The specifications of steel pipe pile

In the offshore and inland alluvial plain region, the thickness of 50 ~ 60 m soft soil layer of the upper load is big and can not directly as a bearing layer, the low compression bearing layer is always deep, where usually use the general structure of steel pile with a pile hammer producing a large impact on it. Steel pipe pile reinforcing […]

How to improve the strength of steel?

The strength of steel refers to the deformation and fracture performance of metal materials under the action of external force, which generally includes tensile strength, bending strength and compressive strength. The more resistant steel is to external forces, the stronger the steel will be. So how can we improve the strength of steel? Solution Strengthening The […]


Sulfide stress cracking (SSC) is a form of hydrogen embrittlement cracking. Sulfide stress cracking occurs in low alloy steel pipeline, high-strength steels, weld joints, and welding heat-affected zones (HAZs) subjected to tensile stress in acidic environments and temperatures below 82°C (180°F), depending on the composition, microstructure, strength, residual stress, and external stress of the steel. The […]

The welding of API J55 casing

API 5A J55 is a commonly used casing material. The tubing body is threaded to the coupling and must be welded to reinforce the strength of the threaded connection. A harsh working environment requires high quality for the pipe body and welding quality. We analyze its weldability by calculating carbon equivalent. The chemical composition of J55 casing is shown […]

What’s the steel material for Hydrogen pipeline?

Hydrogen can be gaseous hydrogen, liquid hydrogen and solid hydrogen according to the state when transportation, among which high-pressure gaseous hydrogen is the most commonly used and environmentally friendly transportation mode at present. Pipeline transportation is the most efficient way for a large throughput and distance occasions can be a long-distance pipeline, also be a short distance […]

What’s Underground Coated Steel Pipe

Many individuals usually confused about concerning the plastic-coated pipes and 3PE anti-corrosive pipes because they are extremely comparable to their look. The covered plastic pipeline, also known as underground covered steel pipe or steel-plastic composite steel pipeline, is the steel pipeline which is melted a natural layer with a thickness of 0.5 ~ 1.0 mm […]