Introduction To Vessels Steel Plate

In fact, the vessels is a big category among many steel plates, which has very special composition and many excellent properties. At present, this kind of vessels plate is mainly used to make pressure vessels in the market. For different situations and different uses, the corresponding materials to be made are also different.

This kind of device has a relatively large number of brand names in the current market, and its application scope corresponding to different delivery states is also different. In the following small series, users will be specifically introduced about the vessels plate.

Introduction to the use of the vessels

vessels plate is now widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power stations and boilers, etc. It is used to manufacture reactors, heat exchangers, separators, spherical tanks, oil and gas tanks, liquefied gas tanks and nuclear reactor pressure shells, etc. In addition, this material is also used to manufacture boiler drums, liquefied oil and gas cylinders, high-pressure water pipes of hydropower stations, spiral cases of water turbines and other equipment or components. Moreover, this material has a very broad market at home and abroad.

Introduction of delivery status of vessels

There are four main delivery states of plates, namely quenching, normalizing, annealing and tempering. Moreover, the main application scope of each delivery state is also different.

Main application scope of normalizing

Compared with low carbon steel, the hardness of vessels plate after normalizing is higher than that after annealing, and its toughness is relatively good.

Can be used with medium carbon steel.

Used for tool steel, carburized steel and bearing steel.

Used for steel castings, normalizing, it has a good refining effect on the microstructure of steel materials.

It is used for large forgings and nodular cast iron, which can improve its hardness, strength and wear resistance.

Characteristics of the plate after tempering

1. After tempering, the structural stability of the vessels plate can be improved, so that the size and performance of the workpiece can be kept in a very good state.

2. After tempering, for the product made of vessels plate, it can also eliminate the internal stress in the container plate, thus changing the service performance of the device.

3. The mechanical properties of the vessels plate can be well adjusted, so as to meet the requirements of application in various fields.

Plate is a kind of important steel plate used for manufacturing various boilers and their accessories, and it is also the most widely used and used special steel plate for pressure vessels in China at present.

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