Stainless Steel Pipe Welding Matters

1. It is generally suitable for welding of thin steel pipe below 6mm, with the characteristics of beautiful and elegant weld molding and small welding deformation.
2. The maintenance gas is argon with the purity of 99.99%. When the welding current is 50-50A, the argon flow rate is 8-10L/min, and when the current is 50-250A, the argon flow rate is 2-5L/min.
3. The length of the tungsten pole protruding from the gas nozzle is 4-5mm, 2-3mm in the place of poor masking such as fillet welding, 5-6mm in the place of deep grooving, and the interval from the nozzle to the operation generally does not cross 5mm.
4. In order to prevent the appearance of welding pores, it is necessary to clean up the welding parts if there is rust and oil.
5 Welding arc length, welding shallow steel, with 2-4mm is the best, and stainless steel welding, with 3mm is the best, too long maintenance results are not good.
6. When docking the bottom, in order to prevent the back of the bottom weld passage from being oxidized, the back also needs to implement gas maintenance.
7. In order to maintain the welding pool well with argon and facilitate the welding operation, an Angle of 80-85° should be connected between the middle line of the tungsten pole and the workpiece at the welding place, and the general Angle between the filler wire and the workpiece should be as small as possible, generally 0°.
8. Windproof and ventilation. In windy places, please choose the method of retaining the net, and in the room, the appropriate ventilation method should be selected.

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