The great role of oil casing

In the past, when oil extraction was carried out, simple mechanical tools were used to dig the well, and then oil workers stood on the edge of the well for oil extraction and pipeline transportation, which brought great problems to safety and efficiency. The main aspects of this are: First, the water and soil in the lower layers are easily confused with the oil, resulting in a lack of assurance of the purity of the oil extracted. Secondly, there is no support inside the oil mine, so there is a great safety hazard for workers’ lives and equipment operation. In this case, many designers aim to reform the whole set of pipeline system for oil industry, so the oil casing was born.

1, it is the oil casing has so many advantages, more and more oil mining companies will be this set of materials as processing, the necessary props to extract oil, because the assembly is relatively easy, so more and more manufacturers choose to go to the production of a single piece of information, and then manufacturers buy to carry out simple assembly.

2, oil casing is a pipeline system for oil extraction, transportation, solid assurance, mainly underground for safe operation, if you have been an oil worker and put yourself in that kind of working environment, you will understand that after using oil casing, the whole place of operation becomes solid, as if you are not worried about the sky will collapse. In this case, it is easier to achieve a concentrated and careful work process. Since the birth of oil casing, countless oil workers have felt that the industry is no longer as dangerous as before.

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