The specifications of steel pipe pile

In the offshore and inland alluvial plain region, the thickness of 50 ~ 60 m soft soil layer of the upper load is big and can not directly as a bearing layer, the low compression bearing layer is always deep, where usually use the general structure of steel pile with a pile hammer producing a large impact on it. Steel pipe pile reinforcing foundations are suitable than conventional reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete pile at this time.

Steel Pipe Pile is generally made of spiral welded steel pipe by plain carbon steel plate. At present, steel pipe piles are mainly used in offshore areas environment were surrounded by deep water and the large impact force of waves, currents and ships. The steel pipe pile has a series of advantages like high strength and great bending resistance. Good elasticity, can absorb large deformation, reduce the ship to the dock building impact force; Convenient construction, can speed up the construction progress of wharf facilities. Here are the commonly used specifications of steel pipe piles.

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