There Are Many Insulation Methods For Anti-corrosion Steel Pipes

Anti-corrosion steel pipe is a new type of steel pipe, after anti-corrosion treatment, it can effectively prevent or slow down the corrosion of chemical or electrochemical reactions during transportation and use; however, it is an excellent anti-corrosion steel pipe, please pay attention when using it; keep it warm , especially in the cold winter,

In fact, there are many insulation methods for anti-corrosion steel pipes, including coating insulation coatings, wrapping anti-corrosion materials around anti-corrosion steel pipes, and filling and insulating anti-corrosion steel pipes. Specifically, they are:

1. Anti-corrosion steel pipes are insulated by coating heat-insulating coatings, that is: using expanded perlite, expanded frog stone, asbestos powder, asbestos fibers, diatomite clinker and other amorphous heat-insulating materials, and then adding cement, water glass , refractory binder (such as clay) or coagulant (such as sodium fluorosilicate), then add water in a certain proportion and mix evenly to form a slurry, or use these insulating materials on bare hands or apply them on anti-corrosion steel pipes with tools , This insulation method for anti-corrosion steel pipes is also called coating insulation.

2. Anti-corrosion steel pipes are insulated by wrapping insulating materials, that is, directly wrapped with insulating materials such as slag felt, glass wool felt, straw rope, asbestos rope or cotton tape, so that there is no need to worry about the anti-corrosion steel pipe being frozen and cracked. Does not affect the use of anti-corrosion steel pipe.

3. The anti-corrosion steel pipe is filled with thermal insulation material, that is, when the thermal insulation material is a block material, it can also be filled with thermal insulation; however, during the construction process, the support ring made of round steel is fixed on the pipe wall, and its thickness and insulation The same layer, then wrap the support ring with iron, aluminum or barbed wire, and then insulate it with heat insulating material; material filling; filling method can also use prefabricated rigid arc-shaped blocks made of porous porous material as the supporting structure, with a spacing of about 900mm , according to the shape and size of the pipeline insulation layer, the flat woven barbed wire mesh is cut, and the winding machine is processed into a circle, so that the slag wool covers the support ring, and then the metal protective shell is used to fill the insulation structure.

4. In addition, we can also use prefabricated thermal insulation treatment of anti-corrosion steel pipes to maintain thermal insulation. The main materials of prefabricated thermal insulation products are foam concrete, asbestos, diatomaceous earth, slag wool, glass wool, rock wool, expanded perlite, expanded vermiculite , calcium silicate, etc.; prefabricated pipe insulation structures, usually with a diameter of DN ≤ 80 mm, using a semicircular shell, such as DN ≥ 100 mm, using fan-shaped tiles (curved tiles) or trapezoidal tiles.

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