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Application of plastic-coated steel pipes

Plastic-coated steel pipes are used everywhere in life, such as building water supply pipes, fire water supply pipes, special pipes for coal mines, hot spring anti-corrosion and thermal insulation pipes, and cable protection pipes commonly seen in modern life. Common steel-plastic composite pipes are actually mainly plastic-lined steel pipes and plastic-coated steel pipes. The following […]

Safety Precautions For Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe Construction

3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe spraying technology, most domestic 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe production technology adopts the production and processing technology of “epoxy powder spraying, adhesive and polyethylene lateral extrusion, winding rolling”, because the powder and electrostatic thermal spraying method does not require rolling system, thus solving the problem of thin weld coating of spiral structure […]

Caractéristiques et inspection des tubes d'acier plastifiés internes et externes

Internal and external plastic-coated steel pipes for water supply have the following characteristics: First, the inner surface of the internal and external plastic-coated steel pipes has a plastic coating, which can keep the inside of the pipe smooth, reduce the resistance to water flow, and increase the flow of water. In addition, because the water […]

Storage Standards For Anti-corrosion Steel Pipes

I believe many people have doubts about the storage of anti-corrosion steel pipes. Let’s take a look at the storage of anti-corrosion steel pipes. 1. The appearance of anti-corrosion steel pipes entering and leaving the warehouse needs to be inspected as follows: ① Inspect each root to ensure that the surface of the polyethylene layer […]

Drying Temperature Of Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Pipe

When plated parts need to be stacked closely together for storage and transportation, adequate precautions should be taken to prevent white rust. Maintaining a low humidity environment around the plated parts and ensuring adequate ventilation between stacked plated parts can prevent white rust. Minimize it. Specific precautions are described below. one. Surface treatment can be […]

“Zinc flowers” Of Hot-dip Galvanized Pipes

The hot-dip coating surface of seamless steel pipes will have crystallization patterns of the coating metal during solidification. This crystallization pattern is especially obvious for galvanized seamless pipes, showing the appearance of beautiful zinc crystals, thus becoming the appearance of hot-dip galvanized seamless pipes. This important feature is usually called “zinc flower”. When the galvanizing […]

How To Clean Internal And External Plastic-coated Steel Pipes

There is a cleaning and cleaning step in the maintenance of internal and external plastic-coated steel pipes, so the cleaning step is also very important. How can it be implemented well? Steel Pipe has some detailed introduction in these aspects. I hope everyone can learn this. Cleaning of internal and external plastic-coated steel pipes uses […]

Caractéristiques des couches de galvanisation conventionnelle

Produits en zinc pur trempés à chaud, le code est GI. Les produits en zinc pur obtenus par immersion à chaud se caractérisent par une belle surface, une bonne résistance à la corrosion et une bonne aptitude à la transformation. Il existe deux types de produits : les produits à fleurs de zinc normales et les produits sans fleurs de zinc. Les anciens produits galvanisés à chaud présentaient toujours des éclaboussures de zinc à la surface parce que [...]

Caractéristiques et inspection des tubes d'acier plastifiés internes et externes

Les tuyaux en acier plastifiés internes et externes pour l'approvisionnement en eau présentent les caractéristiques suivantes : Tout d'abord, la surface intérieure du tuyau en acier plastifié interne et externe est recouverte d'un revêtement plastique, ce qui permet de maintenir l'intérieur du tuyau lisse, de réduire la résistance à l'écoulement de l'eau et d'augmenter le débit de l'eau. En outre, comme l'eau [...]